Thursday, October 24, 2019

Was the Civil War Fought over Slavery?

The Civil War was the bloodiest war in all of America's history. But some things still remains a mystery in the Civil War. There were many reasons to how the Civil War was cause. A lot of people thinks that slavery was the cause,but it is only one of the many causes. Slavery, Economy, and State's Rights were the main cause to the Civil War. The slavery brought tensions,many differences in economy,and fighting for a cause. Tensions rose as Republicans and Democrats fight for a solution in slavery,the North and South many differences in their economy,and reasons to fighting in the Civil War.The Civil War was fought for slavery, economy, and State's Rights. During the 1860s election,the topic of slavery brought many political tensions to the Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans was an anti-slavery party. The Republicans disagree of the spreading of slavery and would take this issue to Congress,whenever they can,to stop its expansion. They viewed slavery as an a problem that would last forever,and thought the problem would soon lead to extinction As for the Democrats,they were pro-slavery party.They viewed slavery was good not only for the slave holder,but also for the slave(John C. Calhoun). In the 1850s Abraham Lincoln said that slavery was â€Å"an unqualified evil to the negro, the white man, and the State,† but later on in his first Inaugural Address he said that he had â€Å"no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with slavery in the States where it exists. †Abraham Lincoln personally didn't like slavery but as a Republican he wished to abolish it. But as the President of America,he made a promise to the Constitution,which protected slavery.Therefore the tension that rose from slavery resulted in constant fighting of the Republicans and Democrats. The North and South had many differences one of their differences is their economy. In 1793, Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin,profited a lot. It reduced time the time it took to separate the seeds from the cotton. But it also increase the number of slaves on the plantation.Because of this machine that means that there will be more plantations which means that there will  be a greater need for slaves. The South soon became a cotton crop economy,depending on slaves. While the North was a factory economy relying on wage labors than slaves. To sum up this make the major difference in the economy of the North and South (http://americanhistory. about. com/od/civilwarmenu/a/cause_civil_war. htm). The North and South had many reasons to why they fought in the Civil War,but slavery was not the main reason. In Lincoln's first Inaugural Address he declared that it was his job to look after the Union.He also said that he has no intention of freeing the slaves. The Confederacy couldn't accept this so on April 12, they attack Fort Sumter resulting in the beginning of the Civil War. Few states cut off ties with the Union, after more attacks. So to keep ties with remain ing states Lincoln insisted that the war was not about slavery or black rights but was to protect the Union (http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2967. html). The South fought out of fear and for their rights to secede. The Union abides by the Constitution and the South fought to abandon the Constitution.In conclusion the many reasons of the North and the South does not have slavery as the main reason (http://library. thinkquest. org/CR0215469/secession. htm). The Civil War was fought on slavery, economy, and State's Rights. Therefore the tensions that rose resulted in the Republicans and Democrats constantly fighting,the Economy being the greatest difference in the North and South,and slavery not the only reason for fighting in the Civil War. Slavery may be the most important cause but it is not the only cause for the Civil War.

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