Saturday, October 19, 2019

I don't know the topic yet . Please get an article on health topic or

I don't know the topic yet . Please get an on health topic or what do you think is a good or a chapter in a textbook that has been assigned for you to read - Article Example The newspaper that published the story is backed by decades of credibility as a news source and the reporters, by association, also benefit from the trust that the people place in the articles that the newspaper publishes. However, there is something more important than the newspaper name and the byline of the article. In this case, it is the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama is being quoted throughout the article along with her collaborators on the program Such high profile and respected a name attached to the article using direct quotes definitely gives a heightened, if not unquestionable accuracy to the written report. The credibility comes from the fact that the First Lady has, for the duration of her husbands presidency, advocated a healthier lifestyle for all Americans. Even undertaking her own special health programs to help promote a healthy diet and healthier lifestyle. In the article, we can clearly see that the reporters thoroughly researched the history of food labels and the reasons behind the method the food contents are classified on the back label of the product. Cutting to the fact that the American diet has changed over the past 20 years and that the average American has also modified his eating habits, we see that a great deal of research was done by the first lady in order to defend her stand on the issue of food labeling. With the inclusion of the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg in the interview, in support of the first lady, the article found itself being lent further credibility. More importantly, the article presented the information to the reader in a method that did not talk down or confuse them. Reading the article was almost like reading a pamphlet that informed a person about the potential benefits of a particular item. The quotes from the first lady and the FDA commissioner added the important touch of credibility to the article at the

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