Friday, October 18, 2019

THE LOST BEAUTIFULNESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

THE LOST BEAUTIFULNESS - Essay Example On the other hand, I utterly dislike the characters of Jake Safransky, Hanneh’s husband, and Benjamin Rosenblatt, the landlord. Hanneh’s husband is a grouch who only thinks of their material condition and refuses to appreciate the beauty that his wife is offering to him. He also persistently dampens Hanneh’s enthusiasm, but fortunately Hanneh does not give in to his discouraging words. But the most appalling character in the story is the landlord, Mr. Rosenblatt. He is an unjust, greedy, uncaring, and wicked person. He is a classic epitome of a voracious capitalist during that period. The story fosters a strong connection with its audience. I, for one, felt the gravity of the injustice imposed on Hanneh. I felt how her efforts, dreams, and created beauty were crushed by the greediness of one man. The story already has a ‘universal appeal’ for it tackles issues that people all over the world experience, such as poverty, injustice, indifference, and hopelessness. And, more importantly, the story engages its audience to a realm of beauty, which no one could say no

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