Thursday, November 21, 2019

Health Economics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health Economics - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that since 1929 the number of physicians has rapidly increased as compared to ancillary health workers. This is because of the magnitude to which macroeconomic trends, GDP, and personal income, influence physicians utilization according to the study carried by et al, 2003. As from this year, the GDP and personal income have been shown to increase thereby increasing the utilization of physicians. As more technological advances become of the medicine the demand for less skilled workers will reduce since technology have been shown to do more of the work. Intuitively, the number of skilled workers will grow faster because their labor is needed in supporting technological advancement. The researcher states that just like any goods and services, the value of knee brace is determined by the market forces, that is demand and supply. When the demand is high and supply is low, the value is likely to increase in the market. The paper tells that the operation is a medical service already offered and therefore would require compensation in form of $7,000. This puts the patient in a better place since he or she has received a service which was really needed and at the same point has paid for it. Research and development: This factor affects the US expenditure in health since the innovation of new medicines is essential and needs to be funded. This also affects the increase in demand

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