Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Describe an issue where there is an ethical implication Essay

Describe an issue where there is an ethical implication - Essay Example While academic integrity is a long considered issue within higher education establishments across the globe, its implications in light of the recent economic collapse have taken on a newfound importance. In these regards, the area that has received the most attention has been the connection between professors in United States’ business departments and major Wall-Street banks and brokerage firms that contributed to the economic collapse. Perhaps unique to the university business departments, the professors oftentimes receive substantial sums of money for consulting and preparing reports on these financial institutions. While the notion that business professors are receiving money for consultations by itself is not of major concern, there are substantial ethical implications for this type of collaboration. The first implication is that professors have been indicated to accept money for producing content related to the financial prosperity of a country or region, without indicati ng this in the document itself. The significant ethical implications behind this are that the content is biased yet the professor is using his university’s reputation as a means of supporting his claims.

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