Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Meryl Streep free essay sample

Review In my eyes, Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses out there. I believe that she puts her heart and soul out to acting. She does an outstanding performance every time. In both Silkwood she did an amazing job being a women who in the beginning doesn’t seem like she cares about much, and in the end wanting to help her fellow employees out and not get them hurt. I was really surprised when I first watched this movie because in the beginning of Silkwood, you see her driving a car on a lonely road and you don’t think much of it. I was really surprised by Meryl’s acting and it made the movie ten times better. In the beginning of the movie, she seemed like a lady who didn’t really care about much but as the movie went on you realize that the character has a big heart and cares about the peoples safety. We will write a custom essay sample on Meryl Streep or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I don’t believe that if some other actress played Karen, the movie would be as good as it was. Meryl seemed to have put a lot of time into her character and she did a fantastic job with it. In Sophie’s choice, I think Meryl did really good job acting like a Polish girl that survived the holocaust. She did the accent so well; she even had me thinking she was actually Polish. In the beginning of the movie, it seemed like the movie was about Stingo but as it goes on, you realize that it’s about Sophie. Meryl did a really great job acting as a beautiful Polish woman who went through so much in her past. With what the character went through, it seemed as Meryl was living her part. There was so many different emotions coming from her, it was fantastic. She is a gorgeous actress who has so much passion towards acting, and you can see this all just by watching these two movies. Meryl Streep showed so much energy in both films. When she had to show sadness, she did it. When she had to be jumping out of joy, she did it. Anything that her character was supposed to be feeling, she expressed it in a way that I don’t think anyone could have done it better then her. Meryl Streep is in so many good movies and she’s in a couple of my favorites. She has acted in The Devil Wears Prada, Julie and Julia, Mamma Mia! , and many other more. She is and always will be one of my favorite actresses and I truly believe that she should be given more credit then she does because she is an amazing actress and she should be played in many more movies.

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