Thursday, December 19, 2019

Choosing a Major Accounting at ULM Essay - 750 Words

The One That Does It All When choosing a major there are many options to choose from and many variables that can affect your decision. When looking at ULMs list of majors the first one alphabetically would be accounting. Everyone knows that is not a way to predetermine a major, but it is a coincidence that accounting is a very sound major. Accounting is for anyone with a business mind who likes to be around figures mainly dealing with money. Accounting can be fastidious at times, but with hard work very rewarding. The accounting major, part of the business college at ULM, is a good choice for students because it is a strong major at ULM and leads to fulfilling careers. The accounting major at ULM is part of the college of†¦show more content†¦All the professors have at least one professional degree in accounting. Jordan Baugh, a sophomore accounting major at ULM says, â€Å"The professors are extremely magnificent. They know what theyre talking about. They are ver y good at understanding. They teach and make sure you understand, instead of just putting up powerpoints or whatever.† He goes on to tell how they are willing to work one on one and get everyone involved to give their students the competitive edge in the workforce. Several classes can also be taken online. There are also minors here at ULM that are closely related to accounting. One example of this is Computer Information Systems (CIS). CIS is the technological part of accounting which is the information system of business. Jordan Baugh also highly stressed, â€Å"Always take an accounting major over a general business major. The opportunities and options from a business major are much narrower.† The strengths of ULMs accounting major can be summed up as high quality, many in-demand opportunities, high job placement rate, faculty/student relationship, and great alumni relations (McEacharn). The greatest part of being an accounting major is the opportunities af ter graduation. If a CPA is obtained, a greater salary will follow, and the possibility of your own business. If a regular accountant is the route taken, only a bachelor’s degree is needed. The typical workday of an accountant primarily involves bookkeeping. They keep track ofShow MoreRelatedNokias Human Resources System144007 Words   |  577 PagesAccelerated filer n Non ­accelerated filer n Smaller reporting company n (Do not check if a smaller reporting company) Indicate by check mark which basis of accounting the registrant has used to prepare the financial statements included in this filing: U.S.GAAP n International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board ≠¤ Other n If â€Å"Other† has been checked in response to the previous question, indicate by check mark which financial statement item the registrant

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